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Lotshaw Helping Hands was started back in 1982 (although at that time, it did not have a name) to help Trinity Christian Center, the church we were attending. The church was running a small food program to help the church members and families that would come in and ask for help. At the time, our air conditioning company would let the church use our trucks at no cost to go into Los Angeles and pick up salvage produce. The produce at times had to be gone through to glean what was still good. At times, 50% or more of the produce would have to be thrown away.

At first, a small pickup was big enough but in a short time, Lotshaw Air Conditioning needed to loan their stake truck to pick up the food. After a period of time, the church could no longer continue the food distribution program. My wife Linda and I said that the people could not be forgotten so we took the food ministry on and moved operations to our office. Over time, the food ministry grew from our small trucks to our tractor with a 45’ dry trailer and a 45’ refrigerator trailer. We also expanded to the Native American tribe, the Navajo’s; and added clothing, hygiene, and building products to our ministry. Read More

Lotshaw Helping Hands

"A Ministry Of Compassion"

- Charles & Linda Lotshaw